Western NY


Get things done. Organize your work and accomplish tasks using co-working spaces and organizational tools.

Pitch Prep

Pitches often require customized content, depending on its goal. Word choice, pitch deck content, body language, etc. can make or break a pitch.

Self care and development

An understanding of self will enable your business to be more successful in the long run; your mental and physical health can positively or negatively impact your business.


Find the right talent at the right time, at a cost that suits your budget. Exploring hiring an intern/co-op, contractor if you're just starting out.

Research and Data Analysis

Gain a better understanding of trends, and factors that influence customer decision-making, and explore potential users.


Gain a deeper understanding of your finances. Manage your cash flow, and explore your financial options.

Identify licenses and permits required to start your business. Access NYS-specific resources.


Legal questions about forming your business, or curious about patent and trademark applications? These resources offer free services (membership or qualification may be required for some).



Organizational Tools

Books to Explore