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To start and maintain a business requires an understanding of self. While starting a business sounds exciting, it is filled with challenges, including those that involve personal growth.

Through the recommended action items below, we expect to provide you insights into which stage(s) of the business building process are right for you; joining a business at a certain stage may be the best option.

The beginning is the best part!

Understanding of self



  1. It's time to network!
    It's important to have a support system and points of contact who can guide you on your journey. Who hypes you up?
  2. Identify why you're curious about starting a business
    There are many motivators for becoming an entrepreneur. For some, starting a business is out of necessity while others feel it is their calling. These motivators will play a role in your decision-making processes; understand them now to better prepare for future planning.
  3. Begin developing your brand
    Regardless if you decide to launch a new business or not, it's always advantageous to build your brand as someone passionate and knowledgeable in a given space
  4. Begin establishing yourself as a thought leader
    To begin to associate your interests with your brand, you could begin blogging, creating social media content, hosting an event, etc. Continuous efforts will provide you visibility and a positive brand association with the space in which you are discussing.
  5. Research the industries and trends that interest you
    An entrepreneur needs to be aware of current and expected trends, as well as industry changes.

We recommend you start with the DIY plan